You worked hard to establish your brand-if another party uses your name, logo or slogan without permission, consult a trademark lawyer right away. Heed Law Group, P.L.L.C. practices trademark law in Novi and Ann Arbor, MI. We'll work closely with you every step of the way to reach the best possible conclusion.

3 types of trademark infringement

If you're involved in trademark litigation, retain a trademark lawyer right away. Heed Law Group can help you understand any aspect of trademark law. There are three common types of trademark infringement:

1. Straight trademark infringement-using a company's name, slogan or logo without permission.
2. Counterfeiting-intentionally using a name, slogan or logo nearly identical to a trademarked brand to confuse the consuming public.
3. False designation origin-using a logo, slogan or name that's too similar to a trademarked brand.

Whether you've been sued for trademark infringement or need to file a suit against another party, you can rely on Heed Law Group for effective legal representation. We have decades of trademark law experience, and we'll represent you in court. Contact us now to speak with a trademark lawyer in Ann Arbor or Novi, MI.